"We absolutely love our guitar teacher! She really listens to what my daughter would like to learn and what style. She encourages her and isn’t pushy. We are so happy we found Cappella!"

Brooke C.

"Great staff and an awesome instructor. I'm getting better every week. I can't wait to start playing Phantom of the Opera!"

Tim V.

"Cappella Music Academy is *the* place to learn music in the Bonney Lake area. The wide variety of instrument-specific offerings, group sessions, great space, excellent rates, and friendly staff make it an easy choice for music instruction."

Tom W.

"Our daughter is 9 years old and has been interested in playing the piano for many years. We drove by in the fall and noticed this place opened recently and were accepting students. She was really excited to start! A bonus is they are really close to where I live! She's been seeing Amy, really likes her and is picking up things rather quickly. Amy is kind, patient, encouraging and a beautifully talented pianist who we had the pleasure of hearing at the winter recital. The staff is welcoming and professional. We really do feel blessed to have found such a wonderful environment for her to learn in. I highly recommend [Cappella Music Academy] for piano."

Nicol W.

"We are so impressed with Cappella Music Academy. Everyone is extremely friendly, knowledgeable and exceptional at their craft. Everything about the academy is first-class, from the amazing bi-yearly musical performances to the attendance incentive trophies.  Our two daughters have been taking piano lessons at Cappella since they opened their doors. They started with Ms. Bennett, before she opened Cappella, and have since moved to the academy. Now they both take piano from Ms. Weller, who they adore. Our youngest recently started taking drum lessons with Ms. Heather and our oldest is hoping to take guitar in the near future. We appreciate that our girls can grow in their musical talents at Cappella."

Gretchen F.

"I've had my kids in music lessons for a number of years with Cappella. I continue to be impressed with their level of service. My kids absolutely love going here!"

John H.

"Most professional studio I have ever had the opportunity to take lessons from. So grateful for the experiences I had with miss Brittany. If you want to make it to the top in the music industry, she will get you there."

Ashyr C.

"I have been thoroughly impressed with the friendliness, professionalism, and knowledge the staff has! Every teacher has a passion for music and it passes to their students!"

Aubrae N.

"Such a wonderful place to learn! High class lessons at an affordable price!! I highly recommend Cappella for its great family friendly lessons and wonderful teachers!"

Matthew B.

"We signed our son up for drum lessons and have been pleased with the service, instruction and professionalism that Cappella has shown. They teach not only the fundamentals but also music theory which I believe is important. I strongly encourage any one who is interested in learning a instrument or improving the skill you already have to try Cappella Academy."

Tyson T.

"My daughter is enrolled in Beginning Choir at Cappella Music Academy. She is 6 and this is her first formal instruction. She absolutely loves it! She gushes about the class for the rest of the day and always "counts sleeps" until she can go again. She is able to tell me clearly what she has learned which tells me her music teacher is great at communicating with someone in her age group and teaching to that skill level. We would absolutely recommend Cappella and their amazing, professional staff to anyone. We look forward to taking more classes in the future!"

Rose F.

"Cappella Music Academy is awesome. The staff is absolutely amazing, extremely professional and very knowledgable. If anyone is wanting professional lessons look no further!"

Austin J.

"We had been looking for guitar lessons for my daughter for quite some time and now that Cappella's has opened we are so happy to have her enrolled! It's a convenient location, redone inside and she has a one-on-one class each week. She loves her teacher and is excited to learn. Great space and friendly staff."

Lori F.

"Cappella is one of the few places we were able to find Drum lessons available for our son. The process from the moment you call to your lessons is spectacular. Their service and instructors are very knowledgeable and they truly strive to make sure you are welcomed and successful in your learning. I highly recommend Cappella Academy for any instruction at any age!"

Melissa T.

"Every teacher here is amazing. We have two children taking lessons through Cappella. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for music lessons."

Kami J.

"As a parent, I am thrilled with the experience my daughter has had learning piano over the last 3 years. She is happy and excited to attend her lessons because the instructor makes the lessons challenging, meaningful, interesting, and fun. I am amazing at how much she has learned and how much support she has had. We couldn't be happier with our choice for piano."

Heidi K.

"I was so impressed by the professional way Cappella Music Academy put together their piano recital this last week! Additionally, each student was well prepared and did such a nice job. Truly inspiring performance!"

Amy W.

"Brittany is an amazing teacher! She's been teaching for 14 years and I've watched many of her students progress and become wonderful pianists. Brittany has also preformed in many venues including The Museum of Flight, Barnes and Noble, and many churches for a variety of occasions."

Chris B.

"From taking piano lessons under Brittany, even for just a short time, i gained skills that allowed me to transition between chords smoother and faster...

I learned how songs gain their style by utilizing different scales, and how much potential there is to make songs sound different by changing these scales...

 I learned about theory (circle of fifths, chord composition, and more) which not only teaches how and why to play something, but also how to creatively string together what used to be basic and simple into something new and fun...

It's not just about what i learned, but i also learned to love and appreciate music even more, and with that appreciation comes a sense of accomplishment..."

Austin S.

"I was an adult student of Brittany's and loved my lesson times with her. She is a very patient, cheerful teacher and I learned so much!"

Julie R.

"Top notch piano teachers. I have witnessed amazing results with their students!"

Daniel B.

"I have found Brittany Bennett to be a great piano/music teacher for my 8 year old son. She is very professional, notifying parents and students of what is expected but also being flexible to the students needs and personality. She is very thorough in her teaching and encourages the student to ask questions. She is our family's third piano teacher and I feel she is giving my son a more complete understanding of what he needs to be a good musician. I would highly recommend Brittany Bennett as a knowledgeable piano/music teacher for any person wanting to learn to play piano."

Jacqueline B.

“Our daughter started private piano lessons with Miss Brittany when she was four years old. It has been a year and we are so impressed at how much she has learn and grown! Not only is Brittany an amazing teacher, but she teaches with patience, kindness, and love. She has kept our daughter engaged and is very age-appropriate with her teaching and technique – our daughter loves going to piano! Thanks Brittany for all that you do.”

Sarah L.

"[Cappella Music Academy] has been such a blessing to our family! My children thoroughly enjoy their lessons with Miss Brittany. As a mom, I also truly appreciate how she makes each child feel special and tailors/adapts the lesson to how the child is doing that day. She is very friendly, kind, patient, encouraging, and flexible with scheduling needs which are very important traits to our family. Many thanks and kudos to Miss Brittany!"

Kathleen Z.

"My 7 year old daughter has been taking piano lessons with [Cappella Music Academy] for approximately a year now. We have been thrilled with the support and progress my daughter has had. She had no prior knowledge on playing the piano and the pacing to get her where she is now was perfect! It was challenging yet allowed her to be held accountable and successful. Her teacher, Brittany, uses a kind and motivating style of teaching. My daughter has fallen in love with music and looks forward to her piano lessons and seeing her teacher. It has been a positive experience for us and we are exciting to watch her learn and grow."

Heidi K.

"We absolutely love having our daughter attend [Cappella Music Academy] for her piano lessons. Brittany is extremely professional and patient with our daughter who loves attending her lessons."

Sabrina L.

"As a former student of Brittany's I can tell you first hand how wonderful she is. I was not always the easiest student to teach, as I was short tempered and had very little patience to learn. Brittany recognized those characteristics in me and catered her teaching style toward me. She has a lot of patience and a great passion for music which is shown through in many ways, one being teaching. My experience as a student of Brittany's was amazing, I highly recommend her!"

Hannah M.