October Newsletter


Student of the Month - Mattias!


What type of Lesson do you take? : Viola

What has been your favorite thing you have  learned here at Cappella? :   How to perform in front of lots of people and how to practice music!

What is your Favorite Color? : Chartreuse

What is your Favorite Food? : Sushi!

If you could have a superpower what would it be and why? : Teleportation because traveling can cost a lot of money!

What are some of your other hobbies other that music? : Tennis and writing stories!

Welcome to Jennifer Gautier!


You may have seen a new face at the front desk! Her name is Jennifer and she is Cappella's new admin! She is here to help Cappella run the way it should and to greet all who walk through the front door! Here is a little bit about Jennifer and we hope you grow to enjoy her as much as we do! She is a Washington native and a Seattle University alum, with a degree in psychology. Jenifer, along with her husband, four children and two beagles have called Bonney Lake home for the past six years.  She homeschools her children and strongly believes in the importance of including the arts as part of their experience. Jennifer finds it so exciting to watch someone discover their unique talents through dance, theater and music. In her spare time, she loves to bake, work on diy projects in her home and hang out with family.  She also LOVES all things Harry Potter or Disney! 




Teacher Spotlight - Guqi Zhang!


Guqi Zhang is a passionate  pianist who loves working with students and sharing her love of music. She’s currently a member of Music Teacher National association in the United States. Guqi graduated from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio with a Master of Music degree in Piano Performance. And she holds a Batchelors degree in Music Education. Guqi Zhang studied extensively with Jiang Li when she was obtaining her degree from Xi’an Conservatory of Music, and thereafter she continued her studies with Frank Huang at Miami University. Ms. Guqi won the Best Performance Award of Free Style Youth Group in the Third Internationaler Deutscher Irmler-Klavierwettbewerb, 2013, and the Excellent TeacherAward in the Fourth KAWAI Asian Piano Competition in 2012. She has been learning piano since her early childhood, and started to teach in her undergraduate time. She loves to connect with different ages of students & sharing her musical journey and the joy that music brings her. She has found that encouraging regular practice on a consistent schedule is one thing that helps younger students the most. Seeing the students develop a passion for music is more rewarding than anything else!

To Enroll in classes with Ms. Zhang please contact us at 253-470-8050 or at Info@CappellaAcademy.com! 


My name is Zoe and I am eleven and a half years old. We have a furry family member named Isabelle. She is 9 months old...and while she is super cute, she is quite a bit of trouble. This August I was pretty excited about receiving my trophy for completing six months of piano lessons. I couldn't wait to show it to my mom, who was returning from a business trip that evening. After getting home from my lesson, I left my trophy and piano books on the stairs and went outside to wait for her. A short time later, Hayley, my nanny, came outside with something held behind her back. She said, "Isabelle chewed up something, and it's important this time..."  I asked, "What was it?" She replied, "I'm scared to show you this, but here." Fearing that she had chewed up my computer mouse or something equally expensive, I watched as she took the trophy and placed it in my hands. My heart sank...It looked like Isabelle had rammed the top of the trophy in the garbage disposal, ripping off most of the top and damaging the bottom as well. I sighed and nodded. "Thanks." I said. She took it back inside, and I texted my mom, telling her what had happened along with a picture of the damage. Being my mom and the fact that Isabelle is still learning what is hers and what isn't, she stopped by Capella on the way home from the airport to see if she could order a replacement. Isabelle is getting better about chewing everything is sight but if given an opportunity when no one is watching she still chews anything she can get her paws on, unfortunately for everyone.