Teacher Spotlight - Ms. Jihae Shin

Ms. Jihae Shin began her study of music at the age of five in Korea, where she was born. She began competing in local competitions while in elementary school. Ms. Shin earned a Master of Music in Piano Performance at the University of Houston-Moores School of Music and her Bachelor of Music at the University of Puget Sound. Her primary instructors
include Tanya Stambuk, Nancy Weems, and Erin Chung. In addition to competing in multiple piano competitions in the states, both state and regional, Jihae has performed in
masterclasses for internationally renowned pianists Daniel Pollack, Christopher O’Riley, and Norman Krieger. Jihae won first alternate at the 2010–2011 Washington IdahoSymphony Young Artists competition. In 2012, she was accepted into the Seattle Piano Institute at the University of Washington, where she studied with Dr. Robin McCabe and Craig Sheppard. Jihae attended the summer program at Brevard Music Center in 2013 and 2014, studying under Craig Nies and Sandra Wright-Shen. She frequently collaborates with both vocalists and instrumentalists, and performs regularly with chamber ensembles and choral groups. 
Before returning to the Pacific Northwest, Ms. Shin shared her passion for music with all levels and ages through teaching positions at numerous private music schools in the Houston area, including at Cyfair Music and Arts, School of Fine Arts at Houston’s First Baptist Church, and Allegro Pearland Academy of Music. Ms. Shin’s former students in Texas participated and placed top awards in local music contests, and earned high scores on TMTA (Texas Music Teacher
Association) music theory tests.

To sign up for Piano or Violin lessons with Jihae contact Cappella Music Academy
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Learn to Write Music with Mr. Milliner

It's challenging to write original music, but composing and sharing your own songs can be one of the most rewarding parts of being a musician!

The ability to create a catchy or beautiful piece of music out of thin air can seem almost magical, but you don't need to sit around waiting for inspiration to strike to be able to write a great song. Here are a few quick tips to help you explore and hone your writing skills:

1.) If you don't like what you come up with, write more! (not less)
Writing music takes practice, just like playing an instrument. It's also completely natural to feel intimidated by a blank page. Don't be afraid to make mistakes or write a few "bad songs". Even if you aren't satisfied with the entire piece, you might stumble across a great little idea that you want to save and use again! 

2.) Start listening to music critically
Whenever you hear a song you like, take some time to figure out how the composer is using tension and resolution to make the music feel exciting and alive. You might be able to use some of the same techniques in your own compositions. 

3.) Use all of the elements of your song to support a central idea
You have so many tools available to you, including melody, harmony, lyrics, rhythm, dynamics, and phrasing. "Musical Prosody" is a term that refers to the cooperation between all these different parts - and it's important that they're all working together to send a clear message to your listener. 

4.) Unlock the power of music theory
Writing music without understanding music theory is like painting a picture without being able to see all the colors of paint you have to work with. Keep studying your instrument and eventually you'll be able to pick and choose the best 'musical colors' to really express your feelings.

Good luck, and have fun writing!
Kelvin Milliner

To Sign Up For Voice or Guitar Lessons With Kelvin Contact Cappella Music Academy
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Ella A. - Piano
 Cooper A. -Guitar
Oscar A. - Guitar
James B. - Piano
Rick B.- Voice
Jonas B.- Drums
Angelie B.- Piano
Aliyah B.- Piano
Adalyn B. - Piano
Caleb B. - Piano
Isaac B. - Violin
Jayna B. - Voice
KayliAnna B. - Guitar
Nicholas C.- Guitar
McKay C. - Voice
Colbey C. - Piano
Lilyanne C.- Voice
Evan D. -Guitar
Londan F. - Violin
Addison H. -Piano
Sierra H. -Piano
Blake L. -Violin
David M.- Guitar
Jane M. - Guitar
Janaya N. - Guitar & Voice
Gianna O.- Piano
Greg O.- Piano
Emily O. - Piano
Emmie P. - Voice
Ella R.- Piano
Logan S. - Guitar
Adrienne S. - Piano
Katie S.-Piano
Kylee S. -Piano
Lila W. - Voice
Corey Z. - Percussion


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On Receiving your Apprentice Awards! 

Keep up the FANTASTIC work!


Question 1- What Instrument do you play? 

Question 2- How long have you been playing?
4 months here at Cappella but 2 years before
coming here.

Question 3- What is your favorite Color? 

Question 4- What are some of your other Hobbies?
I love rock climbing, Basket Ball and Swimming! 

Question 5- What is your favorite Food?

Question 6- What do you want to be when you grow up?
I want to either be an Architect, A professional Pianist or a Explorer that travels to new
places to discover cures for illnesses!

Congratulations Adam! Your hard work and dedication shows! 


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