February Newsletter

Teacher Spotlight- Kelly Marsh

Kelly Marsh  grew up in Puyallup Washington where she began to play the violin at the age of 3. She has 9 plus years of private teaching experience after beginning her own violin studio at 14. Many of her students have found success through AllState and various Honors Orchestras. Throughout her high school career she was chosen to play for All State, All Northwest, Scrooge the Musical at the Champion Center, and many other local groups. After graduating from Rogers High School, she was selected to be a part of the All National Orchestra in Washington DC at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. She studied Violin Performance and Music
Education at Central Washington University and Seattle University during which she was a camp counselor for the well know Kairos Music Festival. Drawing from the Suzuki and traditional methods, she caters her unique teaching style to all ages.

A little Update... 


Hello Everyone!
We all here at Cappella Academy wanted to just give everyone a lttle update on what is going on at the school! Our School has been growing very quickly which we couldn’t be more excited about!

Dan Benz -Guitar 100% BOOKED!
 Marion Read - Voice and piano 100% BOOKED!  
Jihae Shin - Piano and Violin 82% BOOKED!
Heather Parks -guitar, drums and piano 85% BOOKED! 

Thinking about signing up for lessons? Some of our wonderful teachers are already book to
capacity! Lessons are first come first serve at
Cappella Music Academy so don’t Delay! 

We Currently have 206 active classes going on here at Cappella with the higest number of
students taking piano! 
We have 102 Piano Students, 41 guitar
students, 28 Violin or Viola Students, 
14 Drum or Percussion students, 6 Ukulele
students and 12 Voice Students! And our
numbers are growing every day! 

Contact us today to find out if your favorite teachers still have openings! 

To sign up for lessons with any of our wonderful teachers contact Cappella Music Academy
at 253-470-8050 or info@CappellaPerformingarts.com

Question 1- What is your Favorite Color?

Question 2- What has been your favorite thing you have learned here at Cappella? 
Guitar Solos! 

Question 3- What other hobbies do you have?
I play Basketball! I also love to read and write. 

Question 4- What is your favorite Food?

 Question 5- Who is one of your favorite musicians or bands? 

Question 6- How long have you been playing Guitar?
Since I was 9, But I have been here at Cappella for 3 months! 

We would like to extend a warm thank-you to Faith for referring her friends and family to Cappella Music Academy for lessons!

A warm welcome to our new students... 

Alexis A. - Ukulele
Taylor A. - Piano
Liezl A. - Piano
Arkin A. - Piano
Chloe A. - Ukulele
Oscar A. - Guitar
Jonas B. - Percussion
Yunji B. - Piano
Vlad B. - Guitar
Mark B. - Guitar
Valeria B. - Violin
Kendall C. - Piano
Sophie C.- Guitar
Colbey C. -Piano
Catcher D. - Drums
Anika D. - Violin
Vincent D. -Piano
Chloe E. - Piano
Brevik F. - Piano
Bennett F. - Ukulele
MaryAnne G. - Voice
Max G. - Piano
Eli G. - Piano
Ila H. - Piano
Cooper H. - Voice & Piano
Ryley J. - Drums
Jaden J.. - Guitar
Honour K. - Piano
Liberty K. - Guitar
Patrick L. - Guitar
Ella L. - Voice
Lily M. - Drums
Lindsey M. - Piano
Jessica M. - Piano
Keith M. - Piano

A Big congratulations to... 

Ellysah J. , Brooklyn L. , Andrew W. , Kyla B. , Genevieve B. , 
Savannah C. , Chase M. , Bekah L. , Abby M. , Bryan E. , Brooke D. , Kate B. , Shaheen S. , Kathryn T. , Faith Y. , Braden E. , Brooklyn E. , Brogan E. 

On receiving your Musical Ladder Awards!