Adults with Memory Loss – Battle it with Music Lessons at Cappella Music Academy

Approximately 5.7 million people in America are estimated to be suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia in 2018, out of which around 5.5 million are aged 65 or above. The team at Cappella Academy understands the serious need for music in one’s life, and will help to guide you through the process of introducing music in a therapeutic way through weekly one-on-one private lessons.

Music is an art-oriented, interactive medium that has proven to be highly beneficial for elderly adults. Whether listening or singing your heart out to soft and smooth jazzy tones, or strumming classical notes on the guitar or piano, music has the power to enhance the quality of life for elderly adults in numerous ways.

Music appreciation is unique, in that by its very nature, it is not bound to any particular age; a person can experience its many benefits at any point in their life. Moreover, when it comes to music for elderly people, it is a therapy that has huge potential to cure mental health ailments that are commonly found amongst the older generation.


Let’s check out some of the benefits of music, specifically for elderly adults struggling with memory loss.

1. Relieves Alzheimer’s and Dementia Symptoms

Do you know someone who is suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia? Encourage them to take music lessons, because it has proven to be beneficial throughout the process. Alzheimer’s disease declines cognitive functions, and dementia steals the ability to express basic needs with the progressing disease. Music has been known to come as a relief from these symptoms. It helps Alzheimer’s and dementia patients to improve in various ways, including triggering the memory, reducing the feeling of isolation and agitation, coordinating motor function, enabling the power of reasoning and understanding, and also fostering affirmative social communication.

2. Enhances Memory Power

With numerous studies on this subject, it is a proven fact that music can trigger the memory of elderly people, who often struggle with forgetfulness. Playing a certain musical piece or singing a song that relates to a particular point in time, place, event, or emotion, has the power to stimulate the memory creator in the brain, known as the medial prefrontal cortex. Even when dementia or Alzheimer patients completely lose their ability to speak, many are still able to humm through their favorite songs and experience positive emotions from the activity.

3. Manages Stress through Music

Elderly people can come across several anxieties, tensions, depressions, and pressures in their daily life when they struggle with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Music produces a calming effect to settle the mind when it is anxious or stressed. It relaxes the mind and increases self-esteem by reducing qualms and anxieties. Often, the therapeutic and calming effects of music can be seen after only one or two weeks of music lessons.

4. Brings About Feelings of Happiness and Relaxation

Patients who struggle with memory loss brought on by Alzheimer’s or dementia can begin to feel disconnected from the world around them. Being amidst a positive musical environment with sounds of drums, violin, guitar, piano, and so on, helps one to enjoy life and feel more cheerful. Even for the hearing impaired, fine-tuning the sounds of bass or treble can make a difference in their listening ability.

5. Encourages Movement and Physical Exercise

Tapping feet or clapping hands is an activity that can release stress and pent-up emotions that would otherwise be kept inside. When one is swept away by the rhythm of their favorite music, it can stimulate the organs of the body and even lower blood-pressure level. Any amount of physical activity that an elderly person can comfortably do can be enhanced by a motivation and zeal for music.

Music brings an overall sense of well-being for people of all ages and walks of life. We offer the highest caliber of the private music lessons in Bonney Lake, Washington, and the surrounding communities. Cappella Music Academy is the leading and the most preferred music school and in the Greater Seattle Area. Join us, and your age will just be a number.